I took a long drive to Fredensborg Castle with family. I would like to share a small story about my trip to Fredensborg Castle and what it was like to be there. On the way to the Fredensborg castle, we saw some beautiful farms & landscapes. When we reached there, we parked the car and took our packed lunches with us and started to walk to wards the castle garden, that was surrounded by beautiful trees and walking tracks.

We took a long walk around the castle garden, and came to the beautiful sea point. We enjoyed the sceneries and went to see the Nordmandsdalen, there were 70 statues associated to different proffeccions, that tells their story.

Finally, we found a place to sit and took our lunch aside the sea. After lunch break we resumed our trip around the castle. Since the castle was surrounded by a huge garden, we walked for a long time.

We took some amazing pictures of nature and the castle. We ended out trip at ice cream spot. We saw a cat wondering around us while we were enjoying ice cream. After finishing the ice cream we drove back to home.

I would absolutely recommend this place if you like nature, sea, and castles. In total, the walk lasted approx. 2 hours.

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